Is it time to use Visual Studio Code as your IDE?

I am (currently) a fervent WebStorm IDE user. Many on our Front-End Team are also WebStorm users, others are Sublime Text users and one or two use Atom.

Recently though, the strangest thing has happened - developers on the Front-End team and others outside of the .Net team have been adopting Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code as their tool of choice for coding, and it’s something that’s been spreading through the team.

So, what’s the appeal? We’ve done some (mostly unscientific) tests of the features of each tool side-by-side and actually, Visual Studio Code is pretty good. Intellisense - historically one of Visual Studio’s best features - is pretty darn good, Git source control is built-in, and it has themes and plugins for other bits of functionality. We haven’t put the debugging tools through their paces yet, but it makes me wonder - is it time for Microsoft to claw back some market share in the land of Front-End development?