Mastering Photoshop with

Psdtuts (Photoshop-document tutorials) hit the scene a little while ago on digg, and I’ve had it on my RSS subscriptions ever since. Off like a dynamo with the Photoshop tutorials, I’d certainly keep an eye on it - looks to have potential to be another Smashing Magazine. (i.e. A big hit)

Now, my knowledge of Photoshop is ok, certainly on-par with those I work with, but Psdtuts? I’m a complete novice against them. I tried to do a couple of their tutorials as a demonstration, but they didn’t turn out so good. They make it look so easy, but I guess you need some mystical, innate knowledge if you’re going to compete.

A sample improvement from photoshop

My favourates have got to be;

What else can I say? go have a gawk.