on AIR London / Review

Well, despite coming down with a killer headache 1/2 way through the event, I thoroughly enjoyed the London leg of the on AIR tour. All the guys from Adobe and [most of] the ‘guest speakers’ were really interesting. Toying around with AIR before the event helped understand things a little better, but looking up stuff on the 'net just doesn’t compare to having it demonstrated on the tour. Like the worlds smallest video player.

I think you can tell something’s good if the event-hype subsides and you still find yourself dreaming up ideas.

I believe that the whole day was being recorded - there was certainly some notices up about it, and a DV-Cam setup at the back. Doesn’t appear to be online yet, though if I spot it, i’ll let you know.

You can find some more at the flickr onair2008london group.

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